A Hellenic Building Materials Company and industry pioneer in Greece and the Balkans, specializing in the production of lime products.

The wide range of our manufactured products, has uses in the building industry, in metallurgy, in agriculture and farming, in road constructions, in the treatment and inactivation of urban wastewater and fish farming.

"White is intertwined with the ascetic, with the simple, with the simple and the unpretentious, at the same time with the glamorous and the pastoral. That is why the "whitewashing" of the houses and the yards was a custom in our islands, it was the tradition, something that was combined with the pastoralism and the housekeeping. The island house was whitewashed at least three times a year, inside and outside. ”The white islands, Captain V. Andonios

Our lime industry plant, enters the 21st century dynamically. With new ideas and innovations.

Organisational chart

  • Raikou A. PhillisChief Executive Officer
  • Babili SofiaChief Financial Officer
  • Alatzas PanagiotisAccounting Manager
  • Ignatiadis GeorgeProduction Manager
  • Berdelis PanagiotisTransportation Office Manager
  • Moiraliotis PanagiotisSales Manager

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