The chronicles
The turning point of greek lime production

In 1950’s Konstantinos Raikos founds the company, starting with his own marble quarry, located in Penteli, Attikis. This mainly includes mining and trading of the famous Pentelic marble, already known since antiquity in Greece. In the early 1960’s he moves forward, by installing the first vertical limestone kiln in the area of Eleonas, Attikis. By that time, his descendants join him in the business. Andreas Raikos takes over the production process, Theodora Raikos resumes the accounting and finance, and Panagiotis Raikos recommences with product marketing. Through the constant research and technology development, it is decided to acquire the first vertical rotary type kiln by the italian CIM PROGGETI, with production capacity of 200 tons of lime per day. Its installation is done in a privately owned land of 60 acres, in the industrial area of Aspropirgos in Attiki.

Few years later another kiln of Canadian-American technology is added. It is a gyroscopic type kiln of American and Canadian technology, by CALCIMATIC, with production capacity of 350 tons daily. Over the years, the company has received worldwide awards for product quality, which prove the constant effort made still today. The company is now run by the third generation of the family, which preserves the production of the brand name in the Greek market: "High Quality Lime".

June 1970
Portrait of the founder of K. Raikos S.A., Konstantinos Raikos.
The founder of K. Raikos S.A.
Konstantinos Raikos
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