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Lime oven lit.

Quick Lime

Lime in the form of small rocks, with approximate dimensions of 7-8 cm, perfectly calcinated and ready to use. It is available in Big Bags, as well as in bulk form on trucks.


  • For the stabilization of water sediments.
  • For the production of lime paste, with the addition of water at the appropriate temperature and stirring.
Lime paste.

Lime Paste

Lime paste for building usage, clear white, dense and appeased lime ready to use. Available in plastic bags of approximately 20kg, in Big Bags of 50 or 70 cm2, or in bulk form on trucks.


  • For building and plastering.
  • In agriculture, to whiten the trees and protect them from frost and insects.
  • For whitewashing, liming of house facades and roofs that ensures — other than the unique traditional scenery — thermal insulation in the most natural way.
  • In livestock, for white washing barns and also for decontamination of animal slaughterhouses.
Rotary lime kiln.

Industrial lime


  • In metallurgy.
  • In soil stabilization.
  • In road construction.
  • Inactivation of urban wastewater.
Empty agricultural lime bag in the packing machine.

Agricultural lime

Available in paper bags of approximately ~25 and ~40kg, or in silo vehicles. In the form of fine powder.


  • Natural soil conditioner, as it repairs the PH making it more alkaline. Especially useful for soils that have become acidic after systematic cultivation of tomatoes, watermelons and olives.

Livestock lime


  • Special for the sterilization and deodorization of livestock farms, like for example poultry, pig and cow farms, as well as of fish farms
  • Cleaning of wine barrels.
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